Frequently Asked Questions


Once your payment is complete, you will have 24 hours to access and download your PDF pattern. Save it to a secure location on your computer. You can use Adobe Acrobat (get it here) or Apple Preview to view your PDF pattern on your computer screen and choose your print option from there.


Made Again Patterns are designed in a tile layout to be printed on your home printer with Letter or A4 Paper. To assemble your pattern from single pages into one large sheet, lay it out in numerical rows and alphabetical columns. Trim the right and bottom borders and lay over the adjacent paper and tape into place. Always print the first sheet to ensure your printer is calibrated properly.

Can I sell finished pieces made from your patterns?

No. Made Again Patterns are for home, non-commercial use only.

Can I have a refund for my digital pattern?

Due to the nature of digital patterns, we do not offer returns and all sales are final.